John Cena Net Worth, Movies, Love Life & Biography

John Cena is one of the most famous celebrities better know for this amazing and shining wrestling career. He is also a very talented actor who did several Hollywood moves also host a Television Reality show. Some of John Cena’s famous movies are The Marine, 12 Rounds, and Sisters etc.

John Cena started his professional wrestling career with Ultimate Pro wrestling in the year 1999. He has his initial wrestling training from renowned professionals of that time. Few of such famous names are Christopher Daniels and Dave Finlay.  John Cena was also admired by other great wrestlers as the Greatest Wrestling Star of all times.

Early Life

He was born in 1977 in West Newbury Massachusetts. His full name is John Felix Anthony Cena. John Cena has one elder and three younger brothers. His father is of Italian descent while his mother is of English & French-Canadian descent. His grandfather also belongs to sports and was a baseball player.

When it comes to schooling, he first got admission in Central Catholic School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, after school he got admission in Cushing Academy.  After completing his education in Cushing Academy, he got admission in Springfield College. John Cena also joined the college football team here. In 1998 he finally got his degree in exercise & physiology from Springfield College. After completing his education, he started his bodybuilding career professionally.

Professional Wrestling Career

John Cena began his profession wrestling career in year 1999 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling.  His hard work and determination rewarded him Heavy Weight Championship title in the same year.  Year 2001 was a game changer for John Cena wrestling career as he signed a Contract with World Wrestling Federation which later become WWE. John Cena then regularly appeared in WWE shows. His passion and talent has won him several WWE Titles.

John Cena in Hollywood

John Cena is a multi talent star and this is why this amazing celebrity doesn’t just restrict him to wrestling, he even also participated in entertainment industry and started several Hollywood movies with huge success. ‘The Marine’ and ’12 Rounds’ etc are just a few examples of his action talent.

You can call John Cena as the jack of all trade. His amazing skills have helped him to win the heart of millions of fans from all over the world. Hope many of you saw the movie‘Trainwreck’ as this movie also exhibits John Cena’s remarkable acting skills.

Did you know he is a rapper as well as he also produced several music hits? One of such example is the ‘Basic Thuganomics’ that also got featured on the WWE Sound Track Album.  However is most popular songs are ‘Untouchables’ and ‘HUSTLE.’ These are a huge success and really add value to John Cena’s overall net worth making him one of the highest celebrity net worth.

John Cena Love Life

After getting divorced from his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, he began his love life with a WWE Diva Nikki Bella. Nikki and John come close to each other after John’s divorce. The couple has good love chemistry. There were also rumors of John and Nikki’s marriage but he denied any such plan at the moment. However his girlfriend has a strong desire to marry and have kids.

Awards & Achievements

  • When it comes to personal achievement and awards, John Cena has a huge list.
  • In his WWE career he won WWE Championship 13 times.
  • He won WWF World Heavy Weight Championship 3 times
  • He won The United States Championship 5 times
  • He won WWE tag team championship 2 times.
  • He won Money in the Bank Ladder Match 1 time.
  • He won Royal Rumble 2 times.

Net Worth of John Cena

John Cena has a multiple sources of income. Wrestling is just one of the sources, in 2016; he even hosted a reality TV show. Besides that he played roll in Hollywood movies and is a talented rapper as well. Even his rap You Can’t See Me, the album was among the top 15 albums on the United States Billboard 200 Chart. It was also most popular among the Smack down Audience. According to an estimate John cena net worth is approximately $35 million.

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